Monday, February 27, 2012

Fileice Downloader

Fileice Downloader v1.1 by t3chCurZd :
Bypasses surveys and downloads files.
All the instructions to use the downloader is given in the video
The great thing about the downloader is that it can also be used to download other direct linked downloads at very high speed.So basically you have a Fileice Downloade and a Download Manager !!

Full video demonstration of using the software :

Download link for the downloader :
 Mediafire -


  1. thanks man i was searching for this from a really long time !!
    works great and also thanks for the video demonstration..
    and i would like to add that the other downloads are also pretty fast from this downloader so thankssss a lottttt !!! keep up the good work man awesome \m/

  2. works works worksssss !!!!
    seriously the only one working downloader in the entire fucking internet !!!
    awesomeeeeeee workkkkkk man ....... !!
    i don't have to complete those shitty surveys anymore and download files without any frustration :D

  3. Dude there's a big problem and I need help. It seems to download incomplete files which I can't unzip. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Bicko it seems that you are using standard IP ...
      try using a VPN connection , fileice sometimes blocks access to the software coz enormous amount of downloads are operated by try using a unique vpn ...
      that will solve your problem for sure...
      if still the problem persists feel free to contact me...there are multiple ways to make it work

  4. This is the BEST thing i ever saw. Omg man you are really great. You made my day happy. Thank you so much!

  5. I have never found such an amazing program ever before and its just fantastic downloader program.

  6. Really this is working its unbelievable. Thank you so much